About the Owner:

Sara Simons, together with her husband and two children have resided in Spain for the past seven years.

As a cross-cultural transition coach for the past decade, she has been creating and experimenting with multi-modal approaches to navigating major life transitions through Novo.org for 8 years. Prior to that she had her own transition organizing business for people who lost a loved one and needed creative coaching to find their way through the grief and the belongings.

While helping others and through experiencing several of her own hard life transitions she learned that the best way forward was when she engaged the whole self - head, heart and body - in a variety of creative ways including hiking, yoga, biking, doodling, music, free writing and even mundane daily tasks.

In many ways, transition has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember - especially since having relocated 27 times and living cross-culturally for nearly 10 years! Her passion to co-create redemptive stories out of pain is what this business and The Art of Transition was designed for.

Sara holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Intercultural Studies & an ICF accredited Coaching Certification. She feels her best contribution is in coming alongside people in Major-life transition helping them discover their unique purpose regardless of their current circumstances or limitations. Doing this in nature, using art or while traveling is a bonus!

About the Name: The Way Between

According to architectural terminology, transition space is considered an in-between, connecting space between two confined spaces. An essential element of any structure.  One of the most important functions of transition space being sustainability of the building design. Whether a long hallway or a magnificent entrance, these spaces play important functional roles inviting others to linger and anticipate before entering into a new, often grander space. Temples and places of worship have historically been designed with this architectural transition space concept in mind. One who enters a holy space, having gone before through a transition space to get there, has been given the gift of preparation. There is an invitation to  intentionally prepare one’s head and heart for the encounter with a Holy one. 

Similarly the transition spaces of life invite a pause of preparation in body, soul and spirit. The aim of The Way Between is to utilize the transition spaces of life to create and solidify calling. We do this through engagement with the whole self by applying art and movement to life planning tools. When we do this, together we discover freedom and the Way between.


If you are a life coach and would like to learn more about partnering with The Way Between or attending The Way Between Training Events please contact us or set up a consultation