Transition Workshops, Coaching, & Resources

Offering creative, holistic life-planning for global workers in transition


Art of Transition Workshops

In the way between here and where you want to be exists a transition space in your life—an opportunity to stop, reflect, consider your creative contribution that the world desperately needs, before walking through the next door.  

Camino de Santiago Retreat


Take your stuck places on a walk—a long wandering walk. Show them the transformative wonder of creation. And notice how they shift!

Coaching & Life Planning

Challenging seasons do not have to produce paralysis; they do, however when we fail to process or examine the lessons meant to be learned

The Art of Transition workshop was exactly what I needed at this time. You restored my hope in a safe group setting. You created space for individuals yet structure at the same time. Thank you!

J.R. Cross-cultural worker

“Experiencing the Art of Transition stretched my thinking and opened me up to new ways of interacting with God…for my everyday life, not just in transition.”

J.V. Cross-cultural worker