Live into your unique design.

Coaching is above all else AN ONGOING CONVERSATION meant to empower a person or team to fully live out their calling - in life and profession. The goal of coaching is to discover new things about oneself and take action to reshape his/her life around that learning. The coaching relationship is expected to produce insights, greater personal awareness, changed behaviors, actions, and ultimately results that satisfy the client.

As a transition coach, our desire is to help people in major life transition acknowledge the complexity of the present, gain self-awareness, grieve losses, discuss key decisions needing to be made, discover next steps, and begin moving ahead well. At times we may utilize process tools. You, in no way need to be at a certain place in your transition or know your next steps. This can all be a part of the conversation. 

In addition to individualized coaching you may also choose a more comprehensive 2-day Visual Life Plan. The intent of this time is to take a 360 degree view of your life: Looking back, looking within, looking up and looking forward. This is done using visual life planning tools alongside your spouse and valuable input of others who know you well. The 12 life planning tools are specifically structured for people in major life transition. Email: for more information.


Individual Coaching

Package 1:

(suggested 3 months)

✓  Two - 60 minute virtual sessions/month = 6 total

✓  Email contact while working together

✓  Access to applicable transition tools and resources

✓  Re-evaluation of progress after determined length

✓  €50 off of The 2-day life plan or The Art of Transition Group Workshop


Package 3:

16 hours of coaching during 2 days - centered around the “Top 6 Themes of Transition”: Perspective, Identity, Limitations, Reconciliation, Dreams and Bold Moves

2 hours of post-Life plan day follow-up

12 Processing Tools

Sabbatical Coaching

Package 2:
(suggested 6 months)

  • 2 - 60 minute coaching sessions off-ramping work prior to sabbatical

  • 4 - 60-minute coaching sessions during sabbatical (monthly)

  • 2 - 60-minute coaching sessions on-ramping back into ministry/work

  • Sabbatical plan

  • Email contact with me as we work together

  • Access to applicable sabbatical & transition tools & resources

  • Re-evaluation of progress at 3 months

  • €50 off other The Way Between packages

Email: OR visit thewaybetween on facebook for more information


Coaching with Sara has been so helpful when I have felt so stuck!

— S.B. Cross-Cultural Worker

“I love your business name it’s perfect for what you do!”

— D.G. Cross Cultural Worker

“Sara was easy to talk to, listened really well and had great feedback”

- J.T. Cross-cultural Worker

Pursue your mission, not someone else’s. - Bob Buford